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At the club evening on 07.03.2002 our secretary Engelbert offered a special menue: "White sausages" with pretzels and "Salvator beer". The members took them gladly and so it became a very nice evening. Some of the present persons even played cards till late in the night, training for the card playing tournament of impending club evening.


On 15.03.2002 we had our yearly general meeting, with honoring again some members for their long continuing loyalty. These members got nice certificates out of the hand of Georg Klugsberger, a member of the board from the region Tyrol, which was even coming for this reason the long way from Innsbruck to Reutte.


At the club evening on 04.04.2002 we had the first time a card playing tournament ("Watten") in our club room. Five teams played 3 times against each other team. At the end the team Gerhard Beirer / Josef Lutz won scarcely and got, like the second and the third, nice prizes.



This year we were fishing again together at the Haldensee, whereas 7 IPA-members (2 colleagues were even coming from Innsbruck) took part. This day was not only good for relaxing with good weather, but also satisfying because of the fishing results (for the most of us). All together we took 1 pike, 1 trout, 2 "Renken", 2 chubs and some "Rotaugen" out of the water.

at the Haldensee

lake promenade

in the fisherboat

a pike with 60cm



Although the garages of the Gendarmerieposten Reutte were not filled up to the last place this time, our yearly barbecue was again a great hit. This was also because we had - like the year before - simultaneously the presentation ceremony of the public authority shooting tournament and several participants of this competition came as our guests.

chairman and treasurer

the guests

the guests

a well visited event



On 18.09.2002 we had our yearly walking tour, this time to the Tuftlalm (Lermooser Alm) in the Zwischentoren. After an ascension of 2 hours on easy mountain roads (some of us made an indirect way over the 2340 m high Daniel) we spent a wonderful day in the mountains. The weather was so good, that even several got surprisingly their last sunburn of this year on the terrace of the alpine pasture hut.

terrace of the Tuftlalm

terrace of the Tuftlalm



group photo


Our member Josef Sint made the club evening on 03.10.2002 very interesting with one of his famously slide shows. With his great humor he told us about a tour through the Himalaya, with climbing some mountains with the altitude of more than 6000 m. But also the informations about country and rural population didn't get a bad deal and so we had again an amusingly evening.



This year we had again our "christmas party with bowling tournament" in the Alina in Breitenwang, and pleasable many members were coming. Especially worthy of note was the "price increase" toward last year, which we had for the best bowlers. We have to thank our member of the board and hobby-artist Hans, who organized nice books and inviations for dinner, as well as he donated a beautiful self pottered wall clock.

christmas party


presentation of prizes

presentation of prizes


At the last club evening of this year, on 12.12.2002, our member of the board Hans Ladst├Ątter served self smoked trouts from his own fish farm, which were well received by 15 guests. After this dinner we got Christmas cakes from our feminine IPA members.


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