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Events of the last years:









This year (on 08.01.) our "Ladi" served again his fantastic, self smoked fishes from the own fish farm. And like every year - the rush was so big, that the club room was occupied till to the last place.


DEER-DINNER in Pfronten (Germany)

On 23.01. many of our members were following the invitation of the vicinal local branch Kempten and took part in a deer-dinner in the Pfrontener Hof. The meal tasted as excellent as the year before.

We want to thank the local branch Kempten/Pfronten, especially Herbert and Elfriede, very heartily again for the invitation.

our chairman, fighting with the deer



Within the range of our club evening in February we carried out the card playing tournament of the current year. Seven groups of two persons were fighting for victory. Winner was the team Otto Wehrmeister and Hermann Breithuber, which was losing only one game all the evening.

absolute concentration



As a part of the club evening March, our secretary Engelbert served again (like the years before) white sausages with sweet mustard, pretzel and Salvator beer. We could welcome such a high number of guests, that the place in our clubroom became rather concise.



Also this year we were at the Haldensee und tried out our luck in angling, but it abandoned us again. No one of the 8 members, which took part in this fishing event, could record an appreciable capture. Next year we probably will go to an other lake. At least the weather pampered the participants and some of them got the first sunburn of the year.

last preparations in the boat hut

with 2 boats on the Haldensee

Tom and Robert

on the west bank of the Haldensee



Our yearly barbeque was again in the garages of the Gendarmerieposten Reutte. But (we think) because of the bad weather - it was raining till some minutes before the beginning - we could welcome only very few members. Merely our faithful guests from Füssen and Pfronten came in a larger quantity again.

Our new vice chairman Hans (chosen some months before) had a little surprise for the present guests, a raffle. The first price, a coupon for a two persons dinner, went to Elfriede Heer from Pfronten.

In spite of the low number of guests it was a nice party, which we probably will repeat next near.

three members of the board with the district commander of Gendarmerie

guests from Füssen



This year we wandered to the Krinnenalm in Nesselwängle. After a walk of 1 ½  hours we came to the mountain hut and could enjoy there the wonderful view over the Tannheimertal. After a respectable strengthening we walked down to the valley, were we had a final visit in the Laterndl-Hof in Haller.

coming together before decampment

on the Krinnenalm

on the Krinnenalm

the Krinnenalm in Nesselwängle



As a part of the club evening in October our member Sepp Sint presented photos of his holidays in Brasil. We saw pictures about the Copacabana beach, the "Zuckerhut", several cities and "Dorf Tyrol", where the tourists (a group travel, organized by ORF Tyrol) were invited to the festivities occasioned by 70 years existing.


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