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2004 2005

In the course of the club evening on 06.02.2003 we had a card playing tournament in our club room. Although the weather was very bad, an astonishingly high number of members took part. the winner was the team Hans Ladstätter / Engelbert Huter.

After the winner ceremony - two ski day tickets (for the Zugspitzgebiet) became raffled under the participants of this tournament.



In the course of the "March club evening" we had again a white sausage dinner with Salvator beer, served by our secretary Engelbert. So many members were following the invitation this time, that the 20 seats were not enough and we had to organize additional tables and chairs.



Because of the many enrollments and the circumstance, that only 10 guest cards for fishers are given per day on the Haldensee, we had to devide our fishing this year into two dates. On both days we did not have real good fishing results (no appreciable booty), but the weather was very different. At the first day the fishermen had coldness, rain and even some snowfall, while the second part could enjoy a very hot and sunny day.

fresh snow on the mountains in the background

only some sunbeams between rain and snow

a very different weather at the second day

and also an apprentice fisher was with us



On 13.06. we had our yearly barbeque, but this time not in common with the presentation ceremony of the public authority shooting tournament (because this event had been cancelled). Although - for this reason - not so many guests were coming, we were very satisfied about the number of guests and their endurance during the night.

our treasurer as a bartender

and "Ladi" as a cook - with his both assistants

some of our guests

Gerfried in conversation with guests of the local branch Imst



In the afternoon of the 10.08. we went (as a group of 39 members of the local branch Reutte) with a bus to Bregenz, where we arrived at 16.30 o'clock. There we had at first a conduct of 50 minutes round the stage with introduction into the mighty stage buildup and the background of the musical. After a following dinner we could enjoy the fantastic musical about the rivalries of the gangs "Jets" and "Sharks".

arrival in Bregenz


This year we made (on 16.09.), together with our German neighbours of the local branch Kempten/Pfronten, a walking tour to the Kappeler Alm on the Edelsberg (Pfronten). The weather was fantastic, the number of participants satisfying and the mood excellently. Taken all in all - again a successful tour, which we will surely repeat next year in similar way with a new destination.

group foto before the ascension

on the terrace of the Kappeler Alp

wonderful weather and nice talks

the way down through the Höllental



In the course of the "October club evening" we had again a very interesting slide show, arranged by our member Josef Sint. This time he told (and showed) us about his mountain tours in the western Alps. In his funny way he told us about his adventures on the Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and other high mountains in Switzerland and France.



Like in the past years we had again our "christmas party with bowling tournament" in the Alina in Breitenwang. This time it was extra stirringly, because 3 teams were fighting neck to neck till to the finish. The winners got fantastic handmade clayish clocks, made by our member Hans.

Christmas party in Alina

excited bowling activity ...

fully stake ...

presentation of prizes


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