of the district Reutte


Some pictures out of the district Reutte (the "Außerfern"), mostly taken with a digital camera. All the pictures have a size of 600 x 800 pixels and more than 100 kb. This collection of photos becomes expanded periodical, therefore it could be worth to come back here sometimes (if these photos are interesting  for you).


Old views from the Außerfern:


With great effort we managed to raise some old views from the Außerfern for publishing here. These pictures - like the other photos - are not directly concerned with the IPA Reutte, but we want to make our page with such offers also a bit interesting even for "non-IPA-members". These pictures all have a size of 100 kb or more.


By the way: We don´t assert any rights in relation to these pictures, everybody can do with them what he wants.


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