purpose and aims

What is the IPA?

The largest international association of Police officers with about 382.805 members in 61 countries at this time, 32.795 in Austria (31.12.2007)

In Austria officers of the Gendarmerie, Police, Customs with Police duties and Justice can become members

Up to now the only professional organisation of Police officers without difference of rank, function, language, race, religion or ideology

Independent of politics and labor unions and not connected to other groups or institutions

Open for the Police of every country that permits free international contacts between Police officers and the exchange of know how

Because of the purposes registered in the list of non-state international organisations of the European Council

What is the aim of the IPA?

Service through friendship and mutual help between Police officers in the home country and abroad

Support of the exchange of experiences in Police work to make international Police work easier

A positive influence to the image of Police to lobby the relations between citizen and Police

Organizing study trips and meetings to perform the knowledge of the members and make the problems of others better understood

Social work and help as possible

Try to make peoples better understanding each other and to guarantee peace in the world

What does the IPA offer?

Education programs in the IPA's education centre IBZ Gimborn Castle in Germany

Local, regional and international education and meetings on all five continents

Scholarships for studiing Police work abroad

Education- and study trips under the view of Police abroad

A yearly international youth meeting in any part of the world for young IPA members and kids of IPA members

International youth training-colleges in IBZ Gimborn Castle

Cheap vacation and lodgings in official IPA - Houses

Multifarious information in form of regional printed matters or national IPA magazines

Ideal or financial assistance for Police officers and their family members when they undeserved are in heavy need or trouble

Possibilities to learn about Police Forces at home and abroad. Exchange of experience with colleagues without difference of nationality or rank
Why is the IPA useful for me?

The slogan in Esperanto of the IPA is SERVO PER AMIKECO, what means SERVICE THROUGH FRIENDSHIP

The aim of the members is to serve through friendship, not more but also not less. The use for members is mostly ideal

There are no financial or material advantages, no privileges for IPA members. IPA members have to identify themselves with the slogan of the IPA

IPA members make professional connections on a private basis. This is good for the intellectual horizon and helps to do a better job in the hard Police work


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