Understanding Vcruntime140.dll – What You Need to Know

Vcruntime140.dll is a crucial dynamic link library DLL file that plays a significant role in the functionality of Windows operating systems. It is part of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package and is essential for running applications developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and C++ programming language. Understanding its importance and functions can help users navigate and troubleshoot potential issues more effectively.


Vcruntime140.dll contains a set of functions, procedures, and data that applications built with Microsoft Visual C++ rely on to execute correctly. These functions include memory management, input or output operations, mathematical calculations, and vcruntime140.dll. Essentially, this DLL file acts as a bridge between the application and the operating system, providing the necessary resources for the program to run smoothly.


Applications developed using Microsoft Visual C++ requires the presence of vcruntime140.dll on the host system. When an application is launched, it checks for the presence of this DLL to ensure that it can access the required functions and resources. If the DLL is missing or outdated, the application may fail to start or exhibit erratic behavior.


In many cases, vcruntime140.dll is automatically installed on a system when an application requiring it is installed. However, it can also be separately distributed and installed along with the application. Microsoft provides the Visual C++ Redistributable packages, which include vcruntime140.dll along with other necessary files. Users can install these packages to ensure that their system has the required DLL files for running compatible applications.

Errors and Troubleshooting:

Issues with vcruntime140.dll can lead to error messages when launching applications or during the application’s execution. Common error messages include The program cannot start because vcruntime140.dll is missing from your computer or vcruntime140.dll not found. These errors may occur due to a variety of reasons, such as:

    Outdated or missing DLL: If the DLL file is not present or is outdated, applications may fail to run. Installing the latest Visual C++ Redistributable package can resolve this issue.

    Corruption: DLL files can become corrupted over time, leading to errors. Running system file checker tools like sfc or scan now in the Command Prompt can help repair corrupt files.

    Compatibility: Using incompatible versions of vcruntime140.dll with an application can result in errors. Ensuring that the correct version is installed is crucial.


Vcruntime140.dll is a vital component for the proper functioning of applications developed with Microsoft Visual C++. Users encountering errors related to this DLL should focus on installing or updating the appropriate Visual C++ Redistributable package. Regular system maintenance, including checking for DLL file integrity, can contribute to a smoother computing experience by preventing potential issues arising from missing or corrupted files.